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Strategic Plan Writer by Paul Borosky, MBA.

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In helping small business owners with strategic plans across the US, we have found some common issues faced when attempting to write a strategic plan.  For example, the strategic plan structure is similar for most industries.  In its simplest form, identify your vision for your company, then set benchmarks and objectives for its attainment.  Finally, take specific actions daily to achieve your coveted vision.  However, this process is steeped with pitfalls, challenges, and dilemmas.  For example, some small business owners have difficulty with alignment.  When doing your strategic plan, your five-year objectives should be in line with your three-year objectives, which should be aligned with your twelve-month objectives, which should then be aligned with your monthly objectives.  This type of structure and alignment all too often causes significant confusion.  In order to avoid confusion, make sure to start with identifying one main objective for year five and then set benchmarks for previous years related to that specific objective.  In following the structure, not only can you create a thorough and aligned strategic plan, but it also will be easily followed in operations.

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Strategic Plan Writer Services Offered

"A business plan is like a car... A Strategic Plan is your Road Map to Success"

Strategic Plan Writer

A popular service that we provide is strategic plan writing.  Our strategic plan writing service offers numerous strategic plan packages to best meet the needs of our clients.  The strategic plan packages range from our basic strategic plan, which is about 1 to 2 pages to our advanced strategic plan.

Strategic Plan by Paul Borosky, MBA.

Our strategic plans, for the most part, follow a five-step process. 

Strategic Plan by Paul Step 1:

We first start with helping business owners identify what their business will look like in the future.  Usually, we try to envision how the organization will operate in about five years.

Strategic Plan by Paul Step 2:

In step two, we then create specific objectives that need to be met in year three, which will inevitably lead the organization to achieve its five-year goals and objectives.

Strategic Plan by Paul Step 3:

In step three, we continue to align the strategic plan with a focus on twelve-month objectives and goals.  At this point, the objectives and goals become more specific.

Strategic Plan by Paul Step 4:

For step four, these are goals and objectives that need to be accomplished in the next 30 days, which will lead to the achievement of twelve-month objectives.

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