Business Plan Writing Process

The Business Plan Writing Process

Quality Business Plan focuses on solving problems for small business owners. Some small business owners seek out our business plan writers because they have difficulty writing a business plan.  The struggle with writing may be that small business owners do not know where to begin when writing a business plan.  Reading articles and blogs about entrepreneurship and business plan writing may help. But is it enough?  Another challenge is organizing business activities into a well-written business plan.  Whether your challenge is not knowing where to begin for a plan or cannot formulate thoughts into a well-written plan, our services can help you succeed.

Meet With Our Business Plan Writer

Our business plan writers use a time-tested structure to help entrepreneurs complete their business plans in a short amount of time.  The first step in the business plan writing process is to schedule a meeting with one of our business plan writers or business plan consultants.  This meeting may take place in person or via Skype.  In this meeting, we discuss your business and take notes related to various aspects of your company and prospective strategies.  With this part complete, our small business writers get to work researching your industry and writing your business plan.

We Do Our Business Writer's Homework

The second step in the business plan writing process is for our business plan writers to research your business, industry and competitors.  This step takes approximately 5 days to complete.  After the research is done, our writers take 3 to 4 days to write a rough draft of your business plan.  Once the rough draft is complete, we email you a Word document and Excel template for your review and approval.

Final Meeting With Our Business Plan Writer

After our client reviews the rough draft, we schedule a second meeting, again, via Skype or in person.  In this meeting, we review the rough draft of the plan and the financial projections.  In this review, we make whatever corrections you deem necessary.  Once all corrections are made, our team will then proofread the final business plan and email you the PDF version, editable Word document, and Excel template.