Business Plan Writer for Fort Wayne, IN.

Business Plan Writer for Fort Wayne, IN.

Our business plan writer, ghostwriter, and financial projection professional has helped small business owners in Fort Wayne, IN., Roanoke, IN., New Haven, IN., Columbia City, IN., and other areas. 

From assisting the small business owners, our business plan writers have found that specific challenges are faced by business owners.  For example, our business plan writers have found that some owners in the area struggle with forming strategic alliances. 

The technical definition of a strategic alliance, in relation to business, is when two or more business entities agree to move towards specific business objectives.  This agreement may be verbal or in writing.  However, our business plan writers have found that some small business owners have been manipulating the technical definition of a strategic alliance and focusing more on a quid pro quo relationship.  In this type of strategic alliance relationship, small business owners agreed to refer clients to their strategic partners.  In return, the strategic partners would also agree to refer their current customers to the other party.  This type of relationship is excellent when the strategic partners offer different services.  To illustrate, a lawn maintenance company would do well to have a strategic partner in the lawn fertilization industry.  To help identify potential strategic partners and create strategies to exploit opportunities, just contact one of our business plan writers today.

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Business Plan Writer

Business Plan Writer
Business Plan Writer, Paul Borosky MBA.

Quality Business Plan offers Fort Wayne, Indiana, small business owners a multitude of services related to business plan writing.  For example, a popular custom business plan offered by us is our complete business plan package.  The complete business plan package is an excellent selection for business owners seeking SBA loans or investor financing.  Further, this package is aligned with the needs of clients seeking funding of $1 million or more.  In this package, we include in-depth company descriptions, industry analysis, competitive analysis, and various marketing strategies.  Further, we also include extensive financial information such as a breakeven analysis, cash budget, financial ratios, and sensitivity analysis.  For more details on our various custom business plan packages, just contact our business plan writer (8/22).

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant

Having understandable and reliable pro forma financial projections is an important foundational component of any well-written business plan.  Because of the importance of financial projections, our organization has created and tested an extensive financial model that is easily customizable to meet the needs of clients in most industries.  For example, our financial model may utilize inputs related to revenues on a daily basis, weekly basis, or monthly basis.  By having this flexibility, are pro forma financial projection consultant is able to quickly customize the model to provide important financial insights for industries like the restaurant industry, construction industry, or home renovation industry.  Finally, once our consultant customizes the financial model, business owners are then able to easily change the inputs in the model to determine optimal price points and other operational decisions (8/22).

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Creating strategies to exploit strategic partners is not something most business owners have experienced.  Fortunately, our business plan writers have worked with numerous owners in creating strategic partnership strategies.  In creating these strategies, our business plan writers will first meet with our clients, in this instance, possibly in the Fort Wayne, IN., area via phone or Skype.  In these meetings, we will first identify potential strategic partners concerning our client’s industry.  Once this is complete, we then create specific, step-by-step, actions that a business owner may take to approach and discuss potential strategic relationships.  The final step is to follow up with the business owner via phone call to determine the status of the potential partnership.  In the end, through applying the strategies developed by our business plan writer and owner, strong strategic alliances may be formed, which in turn may be considered a competitive advantage for the organization.

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant for a Business Plan Help

A potential tool that business owners may use when soliciting strategic partners could be financial projections showing the monetary benefit of a strategic alliance.  Not only can our financial projection professionals create projections for the client to show the benefit.  But, our professionals can also create financial projections for your potential strategic alliance partner to further highlight the lucrative benefits of a strategic partnership.

When a small business owner develops an innovative product or service, inevitably, the product or service, if needed in the marketplace, will be in high demand once it is launched.  However, over time, competitors will enter the marketplace with substitute products or services.  When this happens, demand for the original company’s product or service diminishes over time.  Because of this well-known trend, a financial model may be helpful in identifying important price points throughout the product lifecycle.  For example, our financial projection professional has found that when launching an innovative product or service, charging a premium price is a great strategy.  As more competitors enter the marketplace, then product or service prices can be reduced and remain competitive.  By following the strategy, business owners are able to optimally gain or retain market share while charging the highest prices allowed in the marketplace.  For help with the strategy, contact our business plan writer/financial projection professional.