Business Plan Writer for Rochester, NY.

Business Plan Writer for Rochester, NY.

Quality Business Plan has a business plan writer, ghostwriter, grant writer, and financial projection professional ready to help small business owners in Rochester, NY., Brockport, NY., Pittsford, NY., Henrietta, NY., and other areas. 

From assisting the small business owners, our business plan writers have found that specific challenges are faced by business owners.  For example, our business plan writers have found that some small business owners do not have a written set of business models.

Business models are often misunderstood by some business owners.  Business models are simply actions or processes that businesses take to make money.  For example, a business model may be how the restaurant presents its most popular dish to customers.  About auto mechanics, a business model may be the process they used to explain auto repair is needed and align prices to their clients.  Regardless of your business models, uniformity is often essential.  However, to get your employees to perform the uniform fashion, business models must be written and explained.  With this said, our business plan writers can work with owners to develop and optimize specific business models within your business.

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Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer
Paul Borosky, MBA., Business plan writer

Over 80% of all our business is writing business plans.  This is our specialty.  Our business plan writing service offers numerous business plan packages to best meet the needs of our clients.  The business plan packages range from our basic plan, which is about 8 to 12 pages to our deluxe plan, which often exceeds 40 pages.  Click on the link above for more details!

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Have your business plan already been written but struggling with your proforma financial projections?  No worries!  Our financial projection consultant can help you complete your projections.  Just give us a call for a price. 

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Our business plan writers are located in Orlando, Fl. We have researched and written business plans for numerous businesses in the US.


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Identifying the most important business models within the company is actually a very difficult feat due to the innumerable processes contained within an organization.  From this, working with our business plan writers, business owners, and the Rochester New York area are able to identify and optimize specific business models that are most important to the organization.  To illustrate, food truck owners often follow a specific process when preparing food for the day.  However, the business owner cannot always be on-site to ensure uniformity.  From this, working with our business plan writers, standard operating procedure manuals, also known as business models, may be developed and disseminated to all employees.  Uniformity is possible!

Financial Projections for a Business Plan Help

Developing business models will inevitably cost small businesses money.  In order to determine whether different business models are profitable or conducive to losses, financial templates often need to be designed by professional financial projection individuals.  With the help of our financial protection specialist, designing these templates is not a problem.  Just contact us today for a specialized financial template related to your Rochester New York business operations.