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Business Writing Services - We Write So You Don't Have To

Business writing services have grown in popularity and demand due to the need for presenting professionally written documents to potential customers or helping to secure financial funding from investors or joint venture capitalists.  Small business owners excel in their line of business.  Entrepreneurs starting plumbing companies are often excellent plumbers and electricians that start electrical companies are usually fantastic electricians.  Unfortunately, neither line of work requires in-depth writing capabilities.  Nor should they.  However, in the growing competitive environment of our economy, business owners are expected to be able to present professionally written documents, PowerPoint presentations resumes, and commercial/residential real estate listings.  Without these skills or the ability to acquire a professional with the skills, a significant number of business opportunities may be missed.

Qualitybusinessplan offers customized business writing services such as PowerPoint presentations, emails, resumes, real estate listings, editing, and webpage content.

PowerPoint Presentations

Business Powerpoint presentation service-   Our professional writers will prepare business PowerPoint presentations for small and large business owners and employees.  A popular request for a business PowerPoint presentation is often related to seeking funding for the company.  In these situations, our PowerPoint writers will use previous business plans and extract important information from these written documents.  From this, our writers construct a story related to your company, products, and target market, and review financial statements.  From this presentation, a professional appearance is conveyed to the receiving party, and the potential for obtaining funding increases exponentially in most cases.

Resume Writing

Resume Writing Service -   Resume writing is a popular service request in combination with a business plan.  A main component of the business plan is discussing how an owner’s experiences and capabilities are aligned with their company and the services provided.  Unfortunately, most resumes are written by the owner and failed to make the needed connections.  This may result in a loss of funding opportunities.  Our resume writers will meet with our clients and construct a professionally written resume that clearly identifies connections between the business owner and their company/service.  From this, not only will the business owner have a professionally created resume, there are opportunities for capturing funding increases as well.

Commercial Real Estate Proposal

Real Estate Proposal -  A unique service requested, on a growing basis, is related to writing commercial and residential real estate proposal. Real estate agents, both residential and commercial, are often challenged with writing appealing real estate ads.  Further, commercial agents are often expected to create 30 to 40-page documents related to specific businesses or pieces of real estate for sale.  Unfortunately, creating these documents is time-consuming and requires significant editing.  To mitigate this issue, our company offers professional real estate listing writing services to help attract customers and save agents time.

Editing Services

Editing Services-   Thanks to the exponential growth of self-publishing, more and more people are writing short books detailing their experiences in their professional lives.  With this growth, the need for a professional editing service has grown as well.  Our professional editors can help self-publishers polish their writings.

Social Media Manager and Web Content

Web Content – An important part of a webpage is continually supplying rich content related to various topics.  The continual addition of rich content helps keep customers returning to the webpage time and again.  Because of this need, our writers will provide customers with customized web content to ensure a high ranking in Google and other search engines.

The Decision Is Yours!

The decision is yours to make. You may continue to struggle with writing your own power points, real estate listings, and webpage blogs.  Or, hire a professional to quickly meet your business writing needs!

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