Business Plan Consultant for Jacksonville, FL.

Business Plan Consultant for Jacksonville, FL.

Quality Business Plan has a professional business plan consultant and proforma financial projections consultant ready to help business owners in Jacksonville, FL. area. 

Our business professional is an MBA with numerous years of experience in business and academics. These experiences are readily available to assist business owners in solving various challenges through the use of a well-written business plan.  For example, over the years, as an organization grows, some companies tend to offer products or services that just do not generate the revenues that they used to.  An example of this would be a clothing store continually selling plaid outfits.  The store might sell one or two a year, but the style is just not that in anymore.  However, the business owner may like the product or feel that changing the product mix might lead to bad luck or some other superstitious reasoning.  When a business is faced with this type of a decision, having a business plan with a well-prepared financial model may help business owners or other decision-makers utilize quantitative factors to mitigate the qualitative or emotional components of the decision-making process.  This is just one of many areas where a well-written business plan by a business plan consultant may be of critical use (11/21).

Local Areas We Offer Our Virtual Business Plan Consulting Services:

  • Jacksonville, FL.
  • Amelia City, FL.
  • Atlantic Beach, FL.
  • Jacksonville Beach, FL.
  • Pointe Verda Beach, FL.
  • St. Augustine, FL.
  • St. Augustine Beach, FL.

Business Plan Consultant for Jacksonville, FL., area Businesses

Business Plan Writer

Business Plan Writers for Jacksonville, FL.
Business Plan Writers for Jacksonville, FL.

Quality Business Plan has several custom-written business plan packages, industry-specific business plan templates, and proforma financial projection-only packages for Jacksonville, Florida, small business owners to select from.  In addition, our business plan writer also offers complementary services such as creating PowerPoint presentations, conducting competitor analysis, and even creating strategic plans for startups or existing businesses.  With all the services offered, some business owners have difficulty in selecting which package may best suit their needs.  For assistance in this area, make sure to contact our business plan writer for help or visit our custom business plan prices page (8/22).

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant

Small business owners in the Jacksonville area, for the most part, prefer our business plan writer to both write up the business plan as well as create their pro forma financial projections.  However, in some instances, small business owners in the area have already done the legwork and created their own business plans.  However, try as they might, creating understandable and supportable pro forma financial projections is all too often out of the grasp and capabilities of most business owners and entrepreneurs.  When this happens, contact our pro forma financial projection consultant.  Our consultant is able to provide professional financial projection services using any one of our packages, which includes our basic financial projection package, advanced financial projection package, and complete financial projection package.  Regardless of your projection needs, our affordable prices and professional services stand ready to assist (8/22).

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Benefits of a Business Plan Consultant

An important component of a business plan is strategic pricing.  Our business plan consultant has found that most business owners embrace one of three pricing strategies, which are low price leader, differentiated services, and premium pricing.  Each strategy presents benefits and challenges depending on the industry, competitors, and the overall economy.  However, based on our experience, most business owners fail to put their strategic pricing plan in the business plan.  With the help of our business plan writer, not only can we put in your strategic pricing plan, but we can also help identify and exploit specific opportunities related to the plan.

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant Assistance for Jacksonville, FL., area Business Owners.

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant
Proforma Financial Projections Consultant

Jacksonville area business owners may enjoy the use of our pro forma financial projection consultant services in a multitude of fashions.  For example, our business plan writer has found that some business owners in the area do a great job with constructing a profit and loss statement as well as a pro forma income statement showing revenues and costs for the next five years.  However, a stumbling block in regards to pro forma financial statements would be creating a solid and defendable balance sheet.  In working with our business plan writer as well as pro forma financial projection consultant, we have access to proprietary financial models that includes profit and loss statements, income statements, as well as integrated balance sheets.  From this, and using our services, we are able to provide broad and detailed projections to support your thoughts and ideas (3/22).

Common Jacksonville, FL. Financial Statement and Financial Projection Questions.

In the last several years, our business plan consultant and financial projection professional have been asked a multitude, at times, questions about creating financial statements for computer stores and computer repair shops.  Specifically, a common question may be:

How would I structure my financial model to help with short-term financial projections for my computer repair shop?

In starting or trying to grow a computer store or computer/smartphone repair shop, business owners need to take a methodical approach to create a financial model.  In starting, our financial projection professional recommends that business owners list each service or product that they’re going to sell.  For computer stores, these products may include computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and a wide selection of software/accessories.  Once this list is created, the next step would be to categorize each item into various categories.  The purpose of this is to have a limited number of inputs for the financial model.  Once this process is complete, then start designing your financial model to accept prices for each category as well as the costs associated.  For more help with this topic, just contact our financial projection professional.