Business Plan Consultant for San Diego, CA.

Business Plan Consultant for San Diego, CA.

The majority of our business plans and proforma financial projections are for small business owners seeking funding to either start their business, expand their firm, or show expertise in their field.

Our business plan writer and proforma financial projections consultant has found that this is especially true for small businesses located in San Diego, CA., National City, CA., Chula Vista, CA., La Mesa, CA., and El Cajon. CA. areas.  Unfortunately, our business plan consultant and proforma financial projections consultant have also found that approximately 27% of all businesses cannot obtain the funding needed to either start or grow their organization.  A possible explanation for this phenomenon is that most small businesses fail to take the time to write a professional business plan with understandable financial projections.  For example, most business plans do include financial projections.  However, in most cases, there are no explanations as to how the pro forma financial projections were calculated, very few discussions about assumptions used for revenues and cost projections, and almost no financial ratios calculated.  These shortcomings all too often lead to unsupported financial projections, which inherently increase received risk from investors and bank underwriters.  With the help of our pro forma financial projection consultant, none is likely to assist in creating the financial projections for a business plan, but we can also provide supporting assumptions as well as various financial ratio calculations.  This is one of many reasons and benefits of using our services (2/22).

Business Plan Consultant Services

Business Plan Consultant

Business Plan Consultant
Business Plan Consultant

Quality Business Plan's business plan consultants help business owners complete business plans, edit already finished business plans, or even write a business plan from start to finish.  Whatever your business plan needs, our business plan consultant is ready to help.

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant

Are you struggling with completing your pro forma financial projections?  Our pro forma financial projection professional can help with completing your projections as part of the business plan writing process, or we can complete your pro forma financial projections as a standalone document.  Just let us know how we can best assist with your projections.

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Benefits of hiring a Business Plan Consultant

A common reason for San Diego area small business entrepreneurs to seek out the help of our business plan writer or business plan consultant is our ability to research different markets.  In our business plans, an important segment that we complete is the industry analysis.  Our industry analysis often includes identifying the industry or industries in which a company will compete, as well as its threats, trends, and opportunities in the marketplace.  For example, just recently, our business plan writer researched pizza franchises in the US. This type of research was needed for a client seeking a franchise for a national pizza organization. However, other entities, based on our business plan writer's experience, may utilize similar research, such as Italian restaurants specializing in pizza, startup pizza restaurants, and even fast-food competitors that compete directly with pizza companies.  Regardless of your industry research needs, we are ready to help (10/21).

With small business owners attempting to implement new strategic plans, all too often, they are faced with a wide array of setbacks.  Our business plan consultant has found that setbacks could include employees resistant to change, partners not in agreement with strategic plans, and customers who prefer the old way of doing business.  Based on our experience, the problem, for the most part, is not that the business owner wants to make a change through strategic action.  But, the strategic action was not planned out and aligned with the organization's capabilities and motivations.  To lessen external resistance to new strategic plans, business owners should include a motivational component for change in the launch process.  With a motivational component, not only can business owners get buy-in from employees and even customers, but they are also able to set expectations and align all parties' actions with the coveted end results.  As always, be sure to summarize your strategy succinctly, with the motivational component, in your business plan (1/21).

Common Financial Statement and Proforma Financial Projection Questions

How do I allocate money for different segments of my startup company?

In starting a company, entrepreneurs often struggle with how to allocate funds to different segments of the organization.  For example, if a business owner is starting a discount tire store, then funds need to be assigned to inventory, furniture, POS system, equipment, and buildout.  To properly allocate money, our financial projection professional recommends that a list of everything that a company needs is created.  Once this list is made, then prioritize the items on a needs basis.  Once this is finished, then the business owner can break out each need into different categories.  Once this is complete, a business owner can then calculate the budget needed for each group.