Business Plan Consultant for Los Angeles, CA.

Business Plan Consultant for Los Angeles, CA.

Quality Business Plan's business plan consultant and proforma financial projections consultant have worked with small businesses in Los Angeles, CA., and other areas in preparing professional business plans and financial models.

A common challenge faced by Los Angeles entrepreneurs, where a business plan may come in handy, would be in structuring take-over bids.  For the most part, an entrepreneur can either start a business and build from the ground up or acquire an already existing business.  In the Los Angeles area, our business plan consultant has found that a disproportionate number of entrepreneurs tend to seek out businesses to acquire.  However, when acquiring or taking over a business, solid purchase offers need to be developed and submitted.  From this, having a financial model customized for the target business, may help business owners better understand profits that may be had and the inherent value of the company’s cash flows.  This is just one of many benefits of having a well-prepared and professional business plan.

Business Plan and Proforma Financial Projections Consultant Services

Business Plan Consultant for Los Angeles

Business Plan Writers for Los Angeles, CA.
Business Plan Writers for Los Angeles, CA.

Quality Business Plan’s business plan consultant helps small business owners throughout Los Angeles, California, metropolitan area with professionally prepared business plans as well as easy-to-use business plan templates, which are industry-specific.  For the most part, our main service provided to area business owners would be custom business plan writing.  Our custom business plan writing packages range from express business plans, which are typically written in about three business days, to our inclusive, complete business plan, which takes about 10 to 14 days to write.  Each one of our business plans is designed to meet specific operational and funding needs.  For example, our express business plans are excellent choices for small start-up businesses seeking funding up to about $100-$200,000.  As for our complete business plan, this business plan package was structured to meet the needs of entrepreneurs seeking funding of $1 million or more.  For assistance in selecting which custom business plan writing package is best for your Los Angeles area business, contact our business plan consultant today (8/22).

ProForma Financial Projections Consultant

Los Angeles area business owners often times already have their business plan written, edited, and ready to go.  The one segment of the business plan, though, that all too often causes problems for area business owners is their pro forma financial projections.  Because of this common issue, our pro forma financial projection consultant provides financial projection services for not only our custom business plan writing customers but also for clients only needing their pro forma financial projections completed.  Our pro forma financial projection packages would include our basic pro forma financial package, which is about six pages, our advanced pro forma financial projection package, which is about 15 to 19 pages, and our complete pro forma financial projection package, which ranges between 20 to 25 pages.  This wide selection of choices for financial projections is not only designed to meet our client's budgets but also to ensure that the financial projection information needed is met but not a whole lot more information is provided.  For assistance in selecting the best pro forma financial projection package for your Los Angeles company, contact our pro forma financial projection consultant (8/22).

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Business Plan Writing Help for Los Angeles, CA.

Small business owners in the Los Angeles, California area often have difficulty affording a professional business plan writer.  To help with this issue, Quality Business Plan offers numerous business plan options to ensure affordability for the customer.  For example, our specific business plan can be completed in as little as one day.  Not only is this an affordable plan, but it is also convenient for business owners as well.  Contact one of our business plan writers to see how we can create a business plan within your budget.

A common advantage of using our business plan writers is that we help create a well-defined and concise business plan funding request.  In our funding request, we first work with small business owners in Los Angeles to determine the specific needs for their operations.  For some companies, requirements include startup costs, training funds, and working capital.  For other owners, the funding request may focus on purchasing equipment, obtaining a new facility, or outright purchasing a separate business.  Regardless of the need for funds, make sure to start your business plan funding request with an itemized list of all the items that acquired funds will be spent on.

Also, in some industries, employee turnover is all too often inevitably high.  An example of this would be in the construction industry as well as the restaurant industry.  Because high turnover directly impacts revenues, costs, and profits, small business owners should have well-defined plans in place to not only retain employees but also recruits workers when needed.  Further, our business plan writer recommends that the strategy be summarized in the information section of the business plan.  For help with this strategic process, just contact her business plan writer (1/21).

Benefit from using our Pro Forma Financial Projections Consultant:

Proforma Financial Projections Consultant
Proforma Financial Projections Consultant

Our pro forma financial projections consultants are usually given an incomplete list to be used in a funding request.  From this list, we will then work with the Los Angeles owner to identify other costs that may have been overlooked.  Through this process, not only will the business owner have a better understanding of their funding needs, but it will also avoid the obligation to revise the list later and possibly request additional funds from their lender.

Common Los Angeles, CA. Startup Financial Statement and Financial Projection Questions.

How do I address different vendor payments in my startup business plan? 

Vendor payments for Los Angeles startups may come in the form of actual startup costs.  An example of this would be when a business owner leases out retail space.  Oftentimes, space needs to be renovated.  These renovations are done by various trades like AC companies, electricians, and plumbers.  Each one of these trades would be paid through the “buildout” budget section.

When operations commence, then depending on services offered, stakeholder payments may be made in different sections.  The Los Angeles area vendor supplying raw materials should be addressed on financial statements through the cost of goods.  For advertising and other consulting organizations, a separate line item should be made for these entities.  The biggest thing to keep in mind is to make sure that your financial statements address each one of your vendors so costs can be understood for projection purposes.

Common Questions for our Business Plan Consultant.

Our business plan writers are often asked common questions concerning a professionally written business plan.  Here are some of the more popular questions asked.

How do I know how many employees to hire for my Los Angeles startup organization?

Los Angeles business owners are faced with a multitude of challenges when starting up their business, based on feedback from our business plan writer.  One of the biggest challenges for a startup organization is determining how many employees to hire.  Because this is so important, each business plan should address the segment.

Determining the number of employees may embrace various strategies.  A popular strategy is to start the organization with as few employees as possible.  For example, a convenience store may hire two cashiers plus the owner.  Worst case scenario, business hours can be adjusted to accommodate labor shortfalls.  This option is often better as compared to having too many employees and not being able to cover their salary in a short time span.