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Small business owners face a multitude of challenges in starting and operating their organization.  This is especially true for small businesses in Chicago, IL., Aurora, IL., Arlington Heights, IL., Evanston, IL., and Naperville, IL. areas. 

A common challenge for some Chicago small business owners, based on feedback received from our business plan writer and business plan consultant, is hiring and keeping qualified employees.  Specifically, some of the challenges stem from not being able to find employees with skills needed for the position.  Other challenges faced are keeping good employees from leaving the company to take on a better job. 

Regardless of the challenges small business owners in Chicago face, related to attracting and retaining employees; a well-written business plan may assist in avoiding this issue.  For example, our business plan writer has noted that one of the main segments of our business plan is related to organizational management.  In this segment, our business plan consultant and clients can carefully craft specific responsibilities for each job position.  From this writing, small business owners can explicitly identify and create monetary and non-monetary benefits that may help with lowering turnover and attracting highly qualified employees.  As always, success in business starts with a well-written business plan.

Business Plan Writing Services for Chicago, IL.

Quality Business Plan offers competitive business writing services for Chicago, IL. area.  Popular business services offered by our company include business plan consulting, business plan writing, and financial projections using customized Excel templates. To highlight some of the benefits…

  • SBA and Investor ready business plans starting at $400.
  • MBAs or Doctoral Candidates write ALL business plans.
  • Most business plans are completed in 8 days or less.

Business Plan Consultant for Chicago, IL.

  • Started a business plan?  We can finish it for you!
  • Not the best writer?  We can proofread your plan if you like.
  • Not sure which competitors are the highest threat?  We can fix that.

Business Plan Writer for Aurora, IL.

  • Our optimized business plan writing process can help you complete your business plan in about 10 days!
  • Quality Business Plan will evaluate your external environment in the Chicago area for essential changes such as new technologies or industry trends.
  • MBA Business plan writers can create a SWOT analysis for your firm.

Financial Projection Consultant for Arlington Heights, IL.

  • Our financial projections start from day 1.  This allows for a sound financial model.
  • When will your company break even?  We can find that out for you.
  • Need to know your return on equity?  Our financial ratios will include that.

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Why Financial Modeling is useful to Chicago Small Businesses

There are numerous reasons for small business owners in the Chicago area to work with a business plan writer.  A common goal is related to retained earnings.  Retained earnings for small businesses are the funds available to the business owner after all bills have been paid, and all potential projects have been invested in.  For the most part, these funds are often diverted to the business owner as compensation.  However, in some instances, our business plan writers have found that using retained earnings may be beneficial in growing their business.  Business owners use the funds to acquire other companies, research new products, or improve the quality of their current product line. From this, our business plan writers can help small business owners explore various options for utilizing their retained earnings.

Human resources activities are often under-appreciated by small business owners' for the simple fact is that the actions do not directly make the business money.  However, failure to keep up with human resource actions may lead small business owners into being short-staffed, outside industry regulations, or not as competitive with other small businesses.

An excellent tool to help small business owners keep up with human resources activities is through the use of various models in Excel.  For example, our financial forecasting consultants often work with small business owners in the Chicago area to develop a checklist in Excel.  These checklists will outline specific duties the need to be done on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.  From this information, small business owners can quickly and efficiently check off essential aspects of human resources.  This is just one of the ways that our business plan writers and financial forecasting consultants can help a small business owner.

Benefits from hiring a Business Plan Consultant or Business Plan Writer:

Our business plan writers and business plan consultants bring a lot of experience and knowledge to the table when working with clients in Chicago, IL..  A primary benefit provided by our business plan writers and business plan consultants is our usage of the appendix in the business plan.  For most business plan writers, they often put a substantial number of graphs and charts in their business plan.  The supposed objective is to help the reader better understand the information provided.  However, significant figures and tables in the business plan take away from in-depth writing that should be a core component of the plan.  For our business plan writers and business plan consultants, we exploit the appendix section for most of our graphs and charts.  This allows for our business plan segments to contain significant analysis as compared to pretty pictures.