How to Write a Moving Company Business Plan

How to Write a Moving Company Business Plan

The moving company industry has been growing quite nicely over the last several years which is led to a respectable amount of demand for moving company business plans, moving company business plan templates, and moving company pro forma financial projections. 

Our moving company business plan writer has found that are numerous reasons for the industry growth.  For example, state taxes and some areas, such as New York and New Jersey, are driving individuals south to areas like North Carolina and Florida.  As our population shifts, the need for movers as well as moving companies increases as well.  However, to keep best exploit opportunities, moving companies are also embracing the use of moving company business plans as a competitive advantage as well as a foundation to build the organization.  Because of this growing demand, our moving company business plan writer has developed some tips and tricks for companies to use when writing up moving company business plans or creating customized moving company pro forma financial projections.


Executive Summary for a Moving Company Business Plan or Template.

The executive summary section for a moving company should include common or typical information found in most business plans like the company’s name, address, and services provided.  Also, our business plan writer recommends that moving company business owners provide a brief discussion as to the types of services they will provide and document one or two activities that will set the company apart from others.  For example, if a moving company is going to provide only local moves, then discuss the geographic area covered, as well as the type of vehicle which will be used for moving customers.  Inevitably, based on our experiences, this process will often allow business owners ample opportunity to discuss niche services such as an electronic liftgate which will help set their organization apart from competitors.

Company Information and Location for a Moving Company Business Plan.

In the company information segment of the business plan, our moving company business plan writer again recommends providing a moderate amount of detail about the geographic area served.  For example, if your organization’s goal is going to the service nationwide moving, then make sure to explain how logistics will happen, the number of trucks in-service, and backup plans in case vehicles break down.  These pieces of information will help the reader visualize how the company will provide its services as well as help them understand the strategic plans behind operations.

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Popular Services offered by a Moving Company.

In some cases, moving companies will only service local areas or regions.  In other circumstances, moving companies will provide services nationwide.  Still, further, our moving company business plan writer has found that more and more organizations are expanding services to include both local as well as nationwide moves.  Because of the different ways some moving companies operate, just stating either local, regional, or nationwide moves is not enough details for readers to envision how the organization will look to operate.  Instead, when writing up your moving company business plan, our writer suggested stating which business model will be embraced.  Once stated, then provide details as to how the organization will operate or support the business like logistics, types of trucks, etc.  The strategy will help the reader comprehend the business structure and underlying strategies.

Marketing Channels for a Moving Company Business Plan or Business Plan Template

The marketing section for a moving company business plan or moving company business plan template should touch on all channels that the company envisions utilizing to either build brand recognition or drive sales.  For example, are moving company business plan writer has found that most competitors in this industry utilize signs on trucks, social media, and Internet advertising.  Once the structure is laid out, then our business plan writer recommends providing about 4 to 5 sentences in discussions about each advertising channel.  To illustrate, if the organization is going to put signs on the truck, then make sure to discuss whether the signs will be magnetic signs, large signs on the sides of the box truck, or other signage such as sign toppers on the roof of the truck.  By following this practice, the reader of the document will be able to understand the strategy behind advertising (6/22).

Proforma Financial Projections for a Moving Company.

Pro forma financial projections for a moving company's business plan almost always start with constructing a model capturing how revenues are generated.  In our experience, most moving companies charge by the job instead of by the mile.  As a result, our moving company pro forma financial projection consultant recommends structuring the revenue segment by identifying the number of customers that will be serviced in a week and then aligning variable costs and average prices per job in the financial model.  By structuring the financial model in this way, business owners are not only able to identify how many customers are needed to be serviced weekly but also are able to change variables such as average customer price.  This flexibility will help the business owner achieve their needed financial projections while also providing them with monthly or weekly benchmarks that need to be exceeded in order to grasp their desired net profits and revenues.

Hopefully, these insightful tips and tricks for writing a business plan were helpful.  As always, if you need help with a business plan or financial projections, just send us an email or give us a call. 

Author: Paul Borosky, Doctoral Candidate, MBA., Author

Owner of: Quality Business Plan, and Quality Business Consultant.

Date: 6/2/2022