How to Write a Moving Company Business Plan

How to Write a Moving Company Business Plan

The moving company industry has been growing quite nicely over the last several years, which has led to a respectable amount of demand for moving company business plans, moving company business plan templates, and moving company pro forma financial projections. 

Our moving company business plan writer has identified several factors contributing to the industry's growth. For instance, state taxes in regions like New York and New Jersey prompt individuals to move southwards to North Carolina and Florida. With these population shifts, there is an increased demand for movers and moving services. To maximize these opportunities, moving companies are now turning to business plans as both a competitive edge and a foundational business tool. Recognizing this surge in demand, our moving company business plan specialist has compiled a set of guidelines for companies to follow when drafting business plans or formulating tailored moving company financial forecasts (10/23).


Executive Summary for a Moving Company Business Plan or Template.

A moving company's executive summary section should encompass basic information commonly seen in most business plans, such as the company's name, address, and services. Additionally, our business plan specialist suggests that moving company entrepreneurs give a concise overview of the services they plan to offer and note one or two unique features of their service. For instance, if a moving company only offers local moving services, it should outline the areas it will cover and the kind of vehicle designated for client moves. By doing this, business proprietors can often highlight specialized offerings like an electronic liftgate, which can distinguish their company from rivals.

Company Information and Location for a Moving Company Business Plan.

Within the company information section of the business plan, our moving company business plan specialist advises detailing the regions the company will serve. Let's say your company aims to operate nationally; it would be beneficial to describe the logistics, specify the number of trucks in operation, and mention contingency measures for vehicle malfunctions. Such details will assist readers in picturing how the business will deliver its services and give them insight into the strategic thinking behind its procedures.

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Popular Services offered by a Moving Company.

Many moving companies limit their services to local areas or specific regions. Others extend their reach and provide services on a national scale. Moreover, an increasing number of organizations now combine both local and nationwide services. Merely mentioning local, regional, or nationwide coverage does not offer readers a comprehensive understanding of the company's operations. Therefore, in your moving company business plan, clearly defining the chosen business model is recommended. After establishing this, detail how the company intends to manage aspects such as logistics and the kinds of vehicles used. This approach will enable the reader to grasp the company's operational blueprint and foundational strategies.

Marketing Channels for a Moving Company Business Plan or Business Plan Template

In the marketing segment of a moving company business plan, it is essential to enumerate all the channels the company plans to use for brand promotion or sales generation. As an observation, many businesses in this sector resort to truck signage, social media, and online advertising. After outlining these strategies, it is advised to elaborate on each advertising medium with 4 to 5 sentences. For instance, if the company plans on displaying signs on trucks, specify if these will be magnetic signs, expansive signs on the truck's body, or alternative types like roof signs. Adhering to this method helps readers understand the thought process behind the advertising choices.

Pro Forma Financial Projections for a Moving Company.

When crafting pro forma financial projections for a moving company, it typically begins with creating a model that encapsulates revenue generation methods. Most moving companies traditionally bill clients per job rather than by distance. Based on this, our pro forma financial projection specialist advises structuring the revenue section by tallying the weekly customer count and then juxtaposing variable expenses with the average charge per assignment in the financial framework. Designing the financial model this way empowers business proprietors to discern the requisite weekly customer count and make adjustments, such as altering the average pricing. This adaptability allows business owners to reach their financial targets and grants them periodic benchmarks to meet or surpass to achieve their preferred profit and revenue figures.

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Author: Paul Borosky, Doctoral Candidate, MBA., Author

Owner of: Quality Business Plan and Quality Business Consultant.

Date: 10/2/2023