How to Write A Pizzeria Business Plan

How to Write a Pizzeria Business Plan

The pizzeria industry, or pizza restaurant industry, has been growing moderately over the last several years, which has resulted in a correlated increase in the demand for pizzeria business plans, pizzeria business plan templates, and pizzeria pro forma financial projections. 

There is a multitude of reasons why the demand for pizzeria business plans is increasing.  For example, our business plan writer has found that more and more business owners are starting pizzerias that are actually not of Italian heritage.  This growing norm has led to innovative pizzas being created, novel complementary products provided, and new processes invoked in the pizza-making process, which is led to cost reductions and or improved product quality.

No matter the reason for the increased demand for pizzeria business plans, having one is all too often an excellent strategic activity.  From this, our pizzeria business plan writer has come up with some tips and tricks for pizzeria business owners to use when writing their own pizzeria business plan, business plan template, or pro forma financial projections.


Executive Summary for a Pizzeria Business Plan or Template.

The executive summary segment of the pizzeria business plan should follow and include traditional restaurant business plan components such as the name of the company, location, menu sample, and brief description of complementary products sold.  Further, our business plan writer has found that including a brief story or explanation as to why starting a pizzeria is a passion for the business owner is a sound strategy to follow.  Not only does this practice allow the business owner to show passion for their future or current business, but it also personalizes the document as well.

Company Information and Location for a Pizzeria Business Plan.

The company information segment for pizzeria business plan should again include traditional restaurant business plan components like whether the firm will be a sitdown restaurant, carry out, and or delivery opportunities.  Further, the legal structure of the restaurant, as well as the number of employees, should be documented in the segment.  Our pizzeria business plan writer also prefers to address ingredients used in the pizza-making process.  In some instances, pizzerias may embrace a farm-to-table concept.  Other pizza restaurants, their core competency is focused on fast and fresh as compared to high-quality products.  Regardless of the business model used, make sure to discuss it in the company information segment.

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Popular Services/Products Offered by a Pizzeria Company.

In the products and services segment of a pizzeria business plan, all too often, our writer has found that business owners provide an overabundance of information related to the different types of pizzas that will be sold, toppings included, and how the raw material obtained in the pizza-making process, whether it be imported or farm to table.  Granted, having a healthy discussion about products in the segment is expected.  However, too many details related to menu items all too often boxes in a business owner from reacting to customer demand for different pizzas or removing items that are not good sellers.  A better strategy is to provide enough information so that the reader understands the type of pizzas that will be provided but not so much information as to restrict operational adjustments in the future.

Marketing Section for a Pizzeria Business Plan or Business Plan Template.

The marketing section for a pizzeria business plan or pizzeria business plan template traditionally starts with describing typical industry advertising activities such as having a building sign out front, window decals, and pushing word-of-mouth advertising.  Further, our pizzeria business plan writer also suggests becoming a bit creative to spice up this section.  For example, some pizzeria business owners have become proficient with social media advertising.  Social media advertising content for pizzerias usually includes short videos of pizzas being made, finished pizzas in a box, and even delivery drivers walking out the door with freshly made pies.  Regardless of how your pizzeria will advertise, make sure to include both traditional channels as well as creative marketing activities (8/22).

Proforma Financial Projections for a Pizzeria Company.

The pro forma financial projection model should follow similar structures as compared to other restaurants.  To illustrate, our pro forma financial projection consultant advises our clients to categorize their startup costs into popular segments such as buildout, advertising, kitchen equipment, front-of-house equipment, furniture and décor, etc.  By using categories as compared to itemized lists, pizzeria business owners are able to show equity investors or lenders that they understand and have budgeted for important startup segments within the business.  Finally, the use of categories does allow the pizzeria business owner wiggle room in case one budget item within a product category is higher than anticipated.  Shifting funds around within the category is a welcome option.

Hopefully, these insightful tips and tricks for writing a business plan were helpful.  As always, if you need help with a business plan or financial projections, just send us an email or give us a call. 

Author: Paul Borosky, Doctoral Candidate, MBA., Author

Owner of: Quality Business Plan, and Quality Business Consultant.

Date: 1/13/2022