How to Write a Sandwich Shop Business Plan

How to Write a Sandwich Business Plan or Template

Sandwich shops and delis have been a staple business in most communities for decades.  However, our business plan writer has found that sandwich shops and delis have been a growing trend and in high demand by consumers over the last couple of years. 

There are several reasons why customers have been gravitating towards sandwich shops.  For example, subs and other sandwiches are able to be purchased in the morning and eaten throughout the day.  Further, the convenience of walking into a sandwich shop, ordering exactly what you want on your sandwich, and bringing it home to the family is an excellent quick and healthy meal. 

Regardless of why sandwich shops and delis are enjoying a renewed demand, having a well-prepared sandwich shop business plan or sandwich shop business plan template is an excellent strategic action for sandwich shop business owners.  From this thought, our sandwich shop business plan writer has come up with some tips and tricks for entrepreneurs doors to use when writing their own sandwich shop business plan, sandwich shop business plan template, or sandwich shop pro forma financial projections.


Company Information and Location.

The company information section for a sandwich shop business plan should include critical characteristics about the sandwich shop, like address, popular main menu items, side items, and hours of operation.  Further, our business plan writer also recommends sandwich shop business owners include a discussion about the organization's pricing strategy.  Some sandwich shops wish to compete based on volume sales.  When this happens, then sandwich shop business owners typically embrace a low-cost/low-price business strategy.  In contrast, business owners and affluent areas may wish to utilize high-quality products and meats and compete on a premium-price business model.  Regardless of your business model and pricing strategy, make sure to document it in your company information section.

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Service Description and Competitive Advantages for a Sandwich Shop Business Plan

Surprisingly enough, our sandwich shop business plan writer all too often reviews business plans for entrepreneurs in this industry, and the plans lack a menu.  By including a menu in your sandwich shop business plan, business owners are able to convey an overreaching theme or at least help the reader understand the types of sandwiches and side items that may be offered at the location. 

Just keep in mind, when including a sandwich menu, do not include prices.  By removing prices, the business owner is able to keep flexibility in their pricing strategy until the business launches.  Further, also state below the menu that this is just a sample of possible menu items.  This clarification statement further enables a sandwich business owner flexibility in selecting menu items.

Owner and Management Section

The owner and management section for a sandwich shop business plan should include both an ownership section as well as an organizational chart for the sandwich shop.  In the ownership section, discuss where the sandwich shop will be located, at a minimum, city and state, but more preferably, the specific address.  Also, make sure to state whether the sandwich shop will be a limited liability corporation, corporation, or sole proprietorship.  By following this structure, the sandwich a business owner is able to quickly summarize essential ownership components of the business.

As for the organizational chart, our sandwich shop business plan writer prefers to use Microsoft’s Smart Art.  This tool is easy to use and structures itself based on the number of job positions and organizational hierarchy.  By using this visual, the sandwich shop business plan writer is able to spruce up a business plan with a visual that is actually meaningful.

Hopefully, these insightful tips and tricks for writing a business plan were helpful.  As always, if you need help with a business plan or financial projections, just send us an email or give us a call. 

Author: Paul Borosky, Doctoral Candidate, MBA., Author

Owner of: Quality Business Plan and Quality Business Consultant.

Date: 8/31/2022